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Beat up 2600 boxes and snes/n64 insert trays; Colecovision system

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Selling a box of empty 2600 boxes. They are creased, dented, etc and look not so nice. Strawberry shortcake has "+ bowling" written on the front and has no insert. Also included are one SNES insert and one n64 insert.


Asking $10 shipped in the USApost-21365-0-75974300-1462811416_thumb.jpgpost-21365-0-58387700-1462811472_thumb.jpg



Colecovision game system. It is missing the power button and the reset button. Label on top is pretty beat up. I've tried it out and it works; controllers work okay, but most likely need a good cleaning to get them 100 percent. Comes with the two controllers, power supply, rf cable and three games.


Asking $65 shipped in the USApost-21365-0-64838400-1462813409_thumb.jpg








Lookout, SOLD below:


I have a Microvision that I would like to part with. I've played it with the Ball Breaking game and it works well. Screen has the usual surface wear, but no deep gouges. Comes with Sea Duel, which is complete in the box. I have not tried out Sea Duel. Any questions, please let me know.


Asking $22 shipped in the USA


I'm selling a 4switch Atari 2600 with 9 games. Everything here has been gone over and works, however, the image isn't as clean from this system as others I've had. Also, the two screws of the screws on the back don't want to screw in, so basically, this is held together by two screws instead of four.


I've looked inside and these chips are socketed.


Activision games being what they are, it will take a couple times to get them to play ;) . Game labels are meh.


Asking $45 shipped in the USA.




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