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Master Everdrive and Genesis games

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Apologies if this has been asked before; I searched around and couldn't find this specific question. I've been trying to decide between a Master Everdrive or an Everdrive MD. I'd really like to get the Master Everdrive so I could use my real Master System and also run SG-1000 games, but I know the Everdrive MD can run both SMS and Genesis games, no SG-1000 though.


My question is this. I know the Master Everdrive works fine with the Genesis Power Base Converter, but is it possible to load Genesis roms onto a flash card and play them on the Genesis using the Master Everdrive and PBC? I'm guessing probably not but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask; if it did work that would be pretty awesome.

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FYI: the SG1000 compat is an SMS bonus that the MD/Genesis dropped.

It has nothing to do with the EverdriveMD or MegaED, simply the MD VDP dropped all TMS9918/28/29 gfx modes.


Honestly many SG1000 games do not look that good on SMS due to the different color palette, in particualr the SMS dark blue is way too dark compared to the SG1000 and it ends up blending with black, SG1000 Galaga suffers from it as your ship missiles are dark blue on black background ... can't see them.




The last column ("...") is the SG1000 so you can see how different they actually are.

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It depends on the game. Some are barely noticeable, some are pretty hideous, and a few are almost unplayable (dark objects on dark backgrounds).


I've read that a few SG-1000 games were also reissued with revised palettes to accommodate the incorrect SMS TMS9918 palette, but I'm not sure if I've ever seen 100% confirmation on that.


And yeah -- SG-1000 on Genesis is simply not possible. On Game Gear, OTOH, it's very possible, and a flashcart can preset the palette on boot to make the colors correct. For some reason the EverDrive-GG dropped support for SG-1000 palette mode, but a couple of us have been noodging KRIKzz to restore it.

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