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[SOLD] Power Glove for NES, sensors, manual, poster


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Nintendo Power Glove with sensors.


Works as new (he says as though that's a glowing endorsement.)

As best I can tell, it's fully functional. I was able to control mildly influence Mario's movements in Super Mario Bros and die somewhat faster than when using the real controller. My experience matches many I read about on the web.


I assume it's the larger size as it fits on my hand. According to eBay listings, the larger size is the rarer. Also according to eBay listings, the smaller size is the rarer.


Includes the manual and super nifty, neat-o "Power Glove Challenge" poster. (Rare, according to eBay: some of these posters are listed for $19.99 BIN so they must be truly rare and valuable)


Prices are all over the place on eBay. Anybody in for $65.00 + Shipping? (Ship to US only)

(I'll be travelling for business the week of 5/18 so may not be able to respond quickly to inquiries or offers. So, if you just gotta have it now, keep shopping.)



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No interest?

Not enough pictures?

Price too low?

Product too crappy?


Absolutely no interest

about 20 more pictures needed

I think you need to bump it at least 23%

you couldn't make it any more crappy unless you dropped it in the toilet



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I would consider a trade if there are items you Want from my sales thread ;)

Thanks. I'm in the mode of paring down my collection (this changes moment to moment but I'm leaning heavily that way right now). I'll take a look though.


I don't really want to donate this to a thrift store, but I won't be heartbroken if I have to. I can use any tax deduction I can get this year. ;-)

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