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Maybe speed issue with VECTREX 72 Game Multicart (?)


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I probably noticed a speed issue with my 72 Game Multicart for Vectrex. :?


When I play "Minestorm" from cartridge, using my ownbuilt autofire joystick, the display temporaryly collapses and shows artifacts. The rapid firing obviously saturates the system somehow. I do not exactly know, where the bottleneck is, but since that problem does neither occur with the Vectrex-inbuilt "Minestorm" nor with "Minestorm" loaded into my own ownbuilt 27C... eprom cartridges, some cycles might be lost, waiting for cartridge data (?).

It's not noticeable playing with a regular Vectrex joystick -not with my slow fingers, at least-, it's just with my own controller.



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