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HSC Season #6 - Game 7 - Centipede

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Last played - Knock Out #2 Round #2


Let the power of Atari flow through your Intellivision and take that centipede out!


Scores will be accepted until Sunday, May 31st at Noon Central -- Good Luck!


Scores for Game - Centipede - FINAL


  1. darthkur - 58,569 ( + 10 )
  2. S.BAZ - 55,315 ( + 9 )
  3. Retrogamer81081 - 33,590 ( + 8 )
  4. DZ-Jay - 29,673 ( + 6 )
  5. darrin9999 - 29,046 ( + 4 )
  6. roadrunner - 29,037 ( + 2 )
  7. cparsley - 25,336 ( + 1 )
  8. jblenkle - 24,600 ( + 1 )
  9. hero2billions - 13,599 ( + 1 )


HSC Leaderboard (After 6 games)

  1. darthkur - 46pts
  2. cparsley - 36pts
  3. LidLikesIntellivision - 33pts
  4. ACFinPGH - 29pts
  5. jblenkle - 27pts
  6. hero2billions - 21pts
  7. scalpel - 17pts
  8. roadrunner - 16pts
  9. Cafeman - 8pts
  10. Intellfan - 2pts
  11. wolfy62 - 1pt
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Still! Yay! I really like this game! I must play it in emulation right now because my carts are still stowed away in boxes from my last move. But I can't wait to play this game on the Intellivision; with the hand-controller it should be great!




It's a very good port.



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Here are a few tips, taken from a guide for the arcade version. They are general enough to work on this port as well:

  • Kill suicide fleas! Whenever the lower part of the game field has less than five mushrooms, fleas are deployed to grow some more. They also give you 200 points a piece. Keep your work-area clean, attract some fleas, and take'em out! They take two hits, but with practice it becomes easier. Make sure you have enough clear space between the flea and you--for they will double in speed after the first hit, so you must hit them fast.
  • Try not to split the centipede! Every time you split the centipede, the first segment of the second part becomes a head and runs around independently, resulting in chaos. However, killing a head gives more points than a non-head segment. Therefore, it's not only easier to kill the centipede from head-to-tail in one go using rapid fire, it also gives you extra points (since each hit will cause the next segment to become a head, making almost every hit a head-shot)!
  • Avoid the spider! The spider is easy to avoid if you pay attention to its direction of movement. It bobs up and down, but it makes its way from one side of the field to another, and it cannot backtrack. This means that you can feel safe staying on the opposite side, at least until it goes off the screen.
  • Kill the spider! The spider is a nuisance, but easy to kill. It does give you more points the closer it is to you when you hit it, but the risk is not worth it. It's better to just take it out and make your score by killing fleas.
  • Destroy the scorpion! Killing a scorpion not only gives you a fantastic 1000 points, it also prevents it from poisoning the mushrooms. Poisoned mushrooms (yellow) will cause any centipede segment to go mad and run directly downward. Try to keep clear vertical lines in the field in preparation of a scorpion visit, and kill it as quickly as possible. Make sure to get rid of any remaining poisoned mushrooms, lest you want the centipede to gun straight for you!

Other than that, extra lives are served at 10K and 20K. I think you'll get one every 10K, but I haven't gotten higher than that to find out.




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I actually like the Scorpion to poison the mushrooms 5 points per mushroom on a reset instead of 1 or none.


Sure, but in the higher levels, where you get multiple centipedes entering the field, having all of them all of a sudden run straight down to the bottom is scary! :o

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