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Solomon's Key


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Oh fantastic! :D The local Amiga club was talking about comparing CD32 and Jaguar ports so might be good for conversation. :D


You might want to wait until I've worked on it a bit more if you want the Jaguar version to 'win' ;)

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Good to see you're porting these cool games! Guess you have lots on your schedule, homebrewing and stuff, but ports really add to the value of a Jag CD. I will discjuggle these later on, but they rest on my computer already.

(If you ever have time, and I have no right to "demand" anything, but only humbly wish for, a ST port of Giana sisters; it could help this forum get more girls to join, and us to behave more propper! [yes that is my murder sale pitch!]) =)

No Amiga can't have all the fun.

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OK, so it turns out that after 25+ years someone (me!) finally realized that Solomon's Key on Automation CD 25 was, in fact, broken.


Not really a problem, as SHW patched it for falcon many years ago... except.. this is where I sourced the binary for the Jaguar port...


Anyway, rather than rain on SHW's parade and use his (Plus, I looked at his version and... WTF DID YOU DO PHIL?? I CAN'T SEE BOLLOCKS!!) I grabbed a fresh STX and did it all again.


Also, I noticed if you got a high score you couldn't enter a name because the keyboard is missing on the Jaguar (Stoopid Atari - how can you 'do the math' without a keyboard??)


So, have at you with a fixx0red version, not that you asked. But when you do, here it is.



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Thanks for the heads up on the cd32 page. I've downloaded MK and MK 2 but the shadow of the beast trilogy is suspended due to a virus alert (?). Anyone got this or an alternative link, please?


Try asking at CommodoreAge.com ... ?

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