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VIC20 collection, what's it worth?

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While picking up a TV from a local selling on CL I told him I was going to use it for retro-gaming and talked to him briefly about my TI 99/4A and he told me he had a Commodore set I might be interested in. So he emailed me pictures of it and it turns out its a VIC20 collection with console, joysticks and games. I just expected some misc. hardware but these games all look nice and boxed! I never had my hands on one of these systems BITD but the first computer I begged for (and never got) was a C64 so I'm sorta interested but I have no idea what to offer or what this collection is worth. Any guidance is appreciated.




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Before buying, make sure the VIC-20 actually works. Commodore computers have a knack for not functioning 35+ years after the were manufactured. The joystick and paddle controllers are neat, they basically look like they were subcontracted from Atari. Later Commodore joysticks are absolute JUNK. Note that the paddle controllers in this lot have some damage to the wiring, so keep that in mind as well. Overall, a good clean lot, but you shouldn't have to pay a top-dollar price if everything is untested. If it were me, I'd start at $50 and negotiate from there. The boxes all look damaged, worn, and creased, so I'm not blown away by the fact they are "CIB".

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