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Elevator Action


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My copy is still sealed... was there a manual in the box, or just a cartridge?


I'm currently preparing a big list of 2600 stuff to sell, and making a list of games that come with manual and/or box... it'll be up for people to buy from in due time...

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Does Elevator Action need a sara to run?


Is there anywhere a list with the games who need Sara chip?


I only knew this one, but there is no Elevator Action in


  • Stargate / Defender II (8K)

  • Crack'ed (16K)

  • Crystal Castles (16K)

  • Dark Chambers (16K)

  • Desert Falcon (16K)

  • Dig Dug (16K)

  • Jr. Pac-Man (16K)

  • KLAX (16K)

  • Millipede (16K)

  • Off The Wall (16K)

  • Radar Lock (16K)

  • Save Mary (16K)

  • Secret Quest (16K)

  • Shooting Arcade (16K)

  • Sprint Master (16K)

  • Super Football (16K)

  • Fatal Run (32K)


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I don't think the prototype was modified in any way...? It is how it was found, and released at CGE in 2001. Hence the need to cannibalise other Sara carts to get proper boards back then. It would have been released by Atari afaik.

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