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Dear all,

I am looking for 3 rare games for Intellivision and I hope there is a "samaritan" out there who wants to help me find them.


The games I look for are:




- Stadium Mud Buggies (complete, or at least the box only)


- Learning Fun I (complete, or at least box and instructions)


- Learning Fun II (complete, or at least box and instructions)


I know these Intellivision games are among the hardest to find (only Spiker is even harder but I've got it).


The most of you would probably prefer to put them on eBay, but I still hope to meet a generous samaritan who wants to sell his/her gems to a true, stubborn collector.


I don't have interesting items to trade, and my only option is to pay for a reasonable (considering the rarity of the games) price.




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Yes, I'm desperately seeking the Learning Fun's for Intellivision, complete in their original boxes (I'm not interested in reproductions).


I would also like to purchase a beautiful original Stadium Mud Buggies box


I'm waiting for a PMs!

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