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CollectorVision NEWSLETTER - May 2015


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So ... the Digger game is a buggy game that needs improvements but people just want a cib to look at so it is being sold as that ? If that is the case it isn't all about having a cib , but having a good game to play that isn't needing improvements . Otherwise why don't we just sell cibs with cool artwork that won't actually be a real game ... there could be thousands . I am confused I guess . Sorry if I am reading into this wrong ..



Okay, first of all, you're overreacting. Secondly, the "improvement" I suggested was to fix a single bug I once stumbled upon in the game. I later tried to reproduce this bug (and I really tried, again and again) but I never saw that bug again. So IF the bug is still in there, it's probably insanely hard to reproduce, so it's not something anyone should be worried about. Digger is not "buggy".


Just a quick comment on this, as I think I may have found Pixelboy's bug just the other day. I should've posted right away, because now that it's been about 5 days, it's a little hazy, but here' goes:


As I neared completion on either the 2nd or 3rd level, I was being pursued by a Nobbin. On the verge of gobbling my last emerald, I simultaneously knocked a money bag onto the Nobbin. The round completed, victory music began, and the money bag kept falling. On its way down with gameplay paused (due to the round having ended), the money bag took out the Nobbin and smooshed him! At that point, the long tone of audio froze along with the entire game. Keypad and controller were non-functional.


I think I'd played the game half a dozen times before I discovered it. This concludes this bug report!

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