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Issues trying to use 2 titlescreens


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Hello, me again with another problem, if you read the title I'm pretty sure that you thought that I used two title screens in the same section, but no, I actually created 2 in order to use one as titlescreen and the other as deadscreen, the title screen I got it to work thanks to Random Terrain, I read the code and I thought I understood it, so I went ahead and did it twice in two seperated banks, with different functionalities, but I can't get it to run not even to compile as usual xD, What am I doing wrong?

E.T's Revenge color fixed.bas



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Thanks theloon, can you explain me please how to use it?, I read it on the post but didn't understand it


yeah. I kinda made it sound quick and easy but it's an advanced subject. Basically, with the multi-kernel framework each 4k is actually a separate game. So, you use the title screen kernel just as you're doing now. The only new step is to figure out how to tie each 4k game together and taking the extra steps needed to jump to the next 4k bank.


I'd say stick to making title screens with playfield pixels and sprites for now. When you've got more familiar with bank switching then re-read the multi-kernel framework page.

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