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But How Do I get my MIDIS

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First, be sure to save in a standard Midifile format (type 0 or 1)

Second, find and format a 720Kb floppy disc (you know your ST won't read 1.44Mb discs) on your PC (ST formatting won't be recognised by those stupid PCs, while PC format will be directly understood by your ST)

third copy your Midifiles.

Then use the program you like (and there is a HUGE quantity of them out there, not the couple of programs available on PC platforms) to edit and play your Midifiles.


Ciao! :)

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Or you could just hook up the midi outs of your composing sequencer to the inputs of the atari hit record on the atari's sequencer and then play on your composing seq or any midi file player


Mmmh... I wouldn't trust a PC MIDI clock :P


Hurry, transfer those midifiles from that your PC, before they get contaminated :D



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