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Chu Chu Rocket question

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I don't think so considering I'm pretty sure it has to stay freeware?

I remember downloading it for free from their website early last year and there was no word about retail product.... especially since they made it available for free to everyone to donwload... however I've always thought about making my own 3.5" disk cover artwork and slapping a label on it :)


Clint Thompson

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Hey guys,


ChuChu Rocket is created by the fantastic Reservoir Gods. They've been creating freeware games for quite a while now. you can download the full game at their homepage http://www.reservoir-gods.com/ . There was never a retail package released (for none of their games actually, I guess). Enjoy it. Make sure to check out "superfly" also, their latest game. It rocks! And Godpey, another great puzzle game. You can read reviews of both of these games at The ST Graveyard, should you be interested!


Hope this helps!



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