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Nordic Games ports on PS4 (Darksiders, Arcania etc)


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Apparently these guys are porting over a fair amount of games to PS4 from last gen.




In my opinion a lot of their games are mediocre except for maybe Darksiders.


I don't mind ports that much as long as they are cheap or the original is at least 10 years old. If I buy a last gen port its only because I'm a serious fan of the game (Last of Us, Halo etc). In other words, if Capcom remakes Dragons Dogma or Bioware remakes the Mass Effect trilogy I'm in for a double dip!!


I don't think I'll be buying any of these....but I thought I'd post this here if anyone can recommend something from them. I never played DarkSiders or Arcania which looks to me like an even cheesier type of Gothic or Risen type RPG.







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I'm kind of tired of these lazy updated releases...
I enjoyed some of the HD Remasters of games and especially those that actually had quite a bit of effort put in. (IE Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD)
But now I feel like developers are just getting lazy about their selections.
Most of these games aren't even that old if you ask me, and an "HD Remaster" or whatever seems kind of pointless when the game was last gen.

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