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WHT SCSI Card DSk1 emulation?


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I seem to recall hearing that using DSK1 emulation on my WHT SCSI REV F card is possible but I did not find any reference to it in my manual.


Can anyone confirm this and if it is possible how? I tried to just create a simple DSK1 directory on my SCS1 device and that by itself does not work.


Is there anything else I need to do or is this not a feature of this card?






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There is code within the SCSI DSR to emulate DSK1 but only for the purpose of loading program files (corresponding to DSR opcode 0x05). I have never successfully used this feature, though that may be related to my SCSI card being at CRU 0x1200, which means the floppy controller at 0x1100 and its DSK1 device would take precedence.


The IDE card allows for reading and writing to a DSK1. or DSK. folder. Fred documents the functionality on his website.


The HFDC allows reading and writing to DSK1. or DSK. folder. It can also mount any disk image (located on the hard drive) and emulate all floppy IO operations to/from that image, just as if the image were a physical floppy disk.

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