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as some of us maybe already know, Chris Bobbitt from former ASGARD Software is sending around his findings

from his very old Asgard Software Archive to us, to get it digitalized and to share it to the community.

What a great move !!! Thanks to Chris, again.


As I am one of the lucky guys getting some of this stuff here, my very first action was to make DSKs

from the floppydisks he sent to me this week.

I attach them here as a ZIP, including a small docu and some screentprints from my testings.

I also add some pics of the first ship, as an overview for you.


Regarding the amount of paper, it will take some time for me to make scans of that, of course.

But, if you see anything very interesting here in the pics, just let me know,

so I would do an immediate, selected scan for you.


More floppydisks are on the way, to be handled quickly to pass through to all 99ers.

I think this will be a big event for all of us, diggin´ through all this fine treasures :)


Many many thanks and all tribute to Chris















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i add mine too ... very Great Stuff and something arrived to me too, thank you to Chris :) i will work on that soon... some floppy disks are in not so good conditions and the half of them are GIF or instances of Fonts... other stuff are photocopy of some magazines pages, but for sure it will discover something of nice :)


post-24673-0-43657000-1432991726_thumb.jpg post-24673-0-22202800-1432991740_thumb.jpg post-24673-0-27326400-1432991750_thumb.jpg post-24673-0-79326400-1432991757_thumb.jpg post-24673-0-71778700-1432991766_thumb.jpg

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Yes, thanks Chris, but THANKS SCHMITZI for taking all the time and effort to do this for the community!

I't gonna feel like Christmas opening presents and discovering all the new goodies.




Looking over those photos got me excited. It looks like there will be some great quality scans of good manuals to go with all the software! Are these good TImes or what?

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yes, great. I also have some damaged floppies, of course, as they are very old.

But I catalogized them in my doc, though. Some of them maybe I can do some special work later,

but don´t know if it works.


If anybody has copies of this problematic discs, please let us know, to prevent from more efforts on that.

Maybe you can upload them here, so I would insert them into the Archive.


At the end of my DSK-convertings, I will also republish it all again, in ONE big ZIP-file.

So if years have passed, and you read this post here, please look at the end :) :)




/EDIT/ Here again, only the small doc (it is in the ZIP too)


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<<THIS PDF FILE>> Shows a lot of the Asgard stuff....

as Chris said, in the floppy disks could be present some software never published officially, maybe some program that arrived to Asgard from private people but not choosed for publish and selling it. So it could be possible to found some unknown software ! :) .... i really hope to be able to found and contact also the eventual original developer of these:)

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I also will eventually be scanning material that Chris sent to me: DCUG/MANNERS Newsletters—I was a member of the DCUG. These include most of 1982 – 1984. I will be adding my own copies of DCUG/MANNERS Newsletters 1984 – 1986 (most). Perhaps, one day we will have the complete set of DCUG/MANNERS Newsletters—they went into the early 1990s (1992?).



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Wee.... Nice to see this Bobbit Archive appearing.


We (Bobbit and me) were great friends during the hay-day of the TI99, and it is very nice of him to return and share his past with everyone.


You will be amazed of some things that are buried within the company, we went thru so much and only picked up a few to bring to market, their was so much passed by at the time, it was sad, but only so much our little companies could do back then, between funding new software and designing new hardware, and dealing with a world that was not connected like it is today, travelling between various local fairs, and selling stuff by mail order, and cashing personal checks, it was mind-blogging, an total different experience then what happens today, when you post on a online forums about a new piece of hardware or software and you got things like paypal and ebay and your own personal websites.


Anyhow, ranting along here now, my thanks to everyone that is using up their own personal time to archive items from Mr. Bobbit, so that everyone will soon be able to enjoy sharing in his vast knowledge and years on TI.

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All floppy Disks of my lot are been converted... hard work on them to recover the programs because they weren't in good conditions, just some Examples here:

post-24673-0-94093200-1433186630_thumb.jpg post-24673-0-12006800-1433186666_thumb.jpg post-24673-0-66462600-1433186622_thumb.jpg post-24673-0-09698000-1433186625_thumb.jpg

so i cleaned the surface of every disk before to insert it in my floppy drive reader, i cleaned using just a small antidust towel for glasses directly on the floppy disk surface (where i saw the dirty turning the disk manually)


and i obtained this result:

post-24673-0-90767700-1433187092_thumb.jpg post-24673-0-85739000-1433187086_thumb.jpg

also floppy drive reader's head is been cleaned every 2 or 3 floppy disks about, using this "magic" kit :)


but after all this work i am happy to give you the link where you will download all saved floppy disks !! :D ...

just SPAD XIII and another misterious floppy were really unrecoverable, the remaining are all

>>> HERE <<<

Enjoy guys ;)

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please, if you discover some interesting facts abouts this floppies here, while testing them or so, maybe you can post it here in the thread ?


Would be fine, as I am working out a database and often have problems to identify software, as I don´t now it from the past.

This would be a great help for me, categorizing and storing ie this DSK-files here in proper folders.


Example: What is "Medical Dump" concerning to ? is it a game ? What is "D-L" ?

Or from my rip, there are some disk named "DISK 074xy" a.s.o. - Yes, I figured out some filenames from the disks

while checking & ripping them (see my RTF-File above), but just SOME, not all, of course :)


No special work needed for anything,but just if you get some interesting infos, some "a-ha´s" on the way, maybe you can post it here for simple "pick-up".




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Yes, i have kryoflux :) and i used it for save lot of other floppy but in this case just was enough the Floppy Disk Drive and HxC ... over cleaning :)

the other two floppy were not bad but broken disks :) ... and i saw that SPAD XIII is already present in the GameBase too ;)

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