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DiskManager1000 v3.1 with Sourcecode





maybe (or not?) somehow interesting, so I post it directly:


DiskManager v3.1 with assembler-source


More in the next days :)



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Wow, what a cool thing for Chris to provide! What would it take to get Chris on AtariAge??? and join in on the fun!!!


I've converted hundred's of diskette's to DSK image. I have one thing to say CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN your drive! Between every disk swap as any garbage from the current disk will destroy the next one.


Also, I leave a my bare drive out so I can gently flex the disk on troublesome disks (as a extreme last resort). I found that if I had questionable disk; I would be lucky to get one good read and then fail from then on. I put those failed ones in a separate stack, and as the last resort use my "flex" method. I also have about 10 physical disk drives that I cycle through and can general now guess which drive will work best with flaky disks (pun intended).


Anyhow, if you need any help with that process, let me know. I've got the equipment to do it.


Don't use the TI to do disk images, too slow, to unreliable. Use a PC with Paoblo's Bagnaresi's TI99PC utility. Or something on a PC. The drives are much more forgiving, much quicker, and storage is no problem. Quicker is important, the longer that a bad disk spins in the drive the less likely it's going to come through.


My $0.02 worth!





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Hi all,


here is the next pile of disks :)

These here are ones which came almost without errors

I am going on, but it takes time, and drives :)


I am doing it like Dano tells, just put the erratas away, for later investigations.

And yes, I have to pull out the drives every 4-5 floppies, cleaning the heads manually with some fine Whiskey :)

(means the Disk-Cleaning-Sets do not help in every case, cotton swabs are much more reliable)




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Nice job Ralf ! :) ...

i will check them in the weekend :)


keep in your mind that if you want some help with the Floppy with errors you can send me after you done your try... i will try again with my hardware too :)



These here are ones which came almost without errors

I am going on, but it takes time, and drives :)

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  • 3 weeks later...



as I am testing a new copy-software for the work, is there anybody outside who just can test these 2 DSK-files ?


They are labelled "PPAnimal-1" and "-2", but I don´t know how to open the files, or to use them.

Maybe you have an idea. TI99DIR works fine on the converted DSKs, but safe is safer :)


thanks a lot


PS: I am testing now with "RapidCopy 1.0" , maybe somebody has a newer version for me, if exists ?


(any other Copy-Tools are very welcome, too, if known as reliable.

Please just post here or send to me as PM or to 99er@toxic-instruments.com )




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Are there any advices (=uploads :) hint hint ) for a better copy-program, or maybe a newer version of Barry´s RapidCopy 1.0 ?


Rapidcopy i have the 1.0 version too...

about copy programs i like a lot this, you could try :)

(Eng) - (DiskUtils) - Disk Manager 1000 v6 - (Cart) - (by Bruce Caron) - (Modified by Ralph Romans and Jack Matis) - (from Ottawa TI99 User Group).zip

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Are there any advices (=uploads :) hint hint ) for a better copy-program, or maybe a newer version of Barry´s RapidCopy 1.0 ?


Not too sure if you are looking for this one, but

I remember this one from the past "Copy-C", but have not tried it recently:





and German version: http://home.arcor.de/system-ninety-nine-user-group/util/index.htm



post-39490-0-60773500-1439112279_thumb.jpg (this is on your CF-card image already (see other Atari-post)


Now I remember, the benefit is that it can copy non-standard disks, like UCSD-Pascal disks or PR-BASE disks

and a few more (but any other bit-per-bit or sector copier should be able to do that as well).



Other utilities are Disk Utilities 4.2 from John Birdwell



Edited by globeron
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  • 7 months later...


One more found from what Chris Bobbit has sent. As Omega asked for it I rescanned it, I hope the quality is OK.

I also have the original 600dpi-scans, if somebody likes.....





have fun :)



I found that if I print out pages 2-25 in booklet form on standard paper, then print out the edited cover on colored cardstock it looks great when completed.






I've taken the liberty of attaching the edited & enlarged front page (hope you don't mind).


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uuh this looks really good :)


Schmitzi, it's all because of YOUR hard work, which I have to tell you, I really, REALLY appreciate. :thumbsup: With all the TI goodness floating around here at Atari Age, I suppose it's possible to take it all for granted, but every program being written, every piece of hardware being created or every manual like the one you just brought back to life takes quite an investment in time and energy. We are truly fortunate to have someone like you in our little TI community.


Thanks Schmitzi!

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  • 1 year later...

Hi, here - maybe - is another special from the






At Birkenau´s Meeting, Bernhard and I, we could read out the XB3 cartridge with the Wiesbaden Supermodule II v2.1

using this special Widget I brought along. OK, Bernhard did ;)

I think, Rudi gave this widget to me, some years ago.


post-41141-0-12807000-1492163358_thumb.jpg post-41141-0-16004600-1492163363_thumb.jpg



I am not sure if I understood that correct, but up to now it was a problem to read out the XB3 (and carts like this?) because of "the widgets" ?

By the way, so or so, with this widget we could switch that cartridges while reading out, without getting any errors.



(stock photo) >>:0)


And Bernhard also did more some work on that in the past, reading out the Eproms and so. I don´t know. You will know :)

In advance, I have also unpacked his DSK-files with TI99DIR, but I am not sure if this was really needed :0)


So here are the results now, maybe some of you wizards can use that to get it running on the UberGROM, FinalGROM´99, Emus,

or whatever, or can use that in any way, if not given :)


Have fun



FULL FILE: XB3_Asgard-Winkler-Birkenau-2017.zip


And a manual: Asgard-XB3-SuperModule--Supplemental-Manual-1993.pdf




Horst Wiese TI-Workshop Wiesbaden Supercart Extended Basic 3 Expanded Basic 3 XB3 Super Module Supermodule Sven Dyroff





Update: the XB3-files here are same version as the well-known ones, so the "Call Coinc" crashes too...

Maybe this can be fixed ?




Edited by schmitzi
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