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Defender of the Crown for Intellivision 2016

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Was thinking a digitized sample that maybe used the CPU, so wouldn't need the Intellivioice. But are you saying that's not possible or practical? Guess I'm not familiar enough with the memory constraints, etc.


How were the phrases like "Yerrrrrr Out"! handled in Baseball? Thought that might have been a sample or creative use of the native sounds I guess?

In theory, you could reproduce samples at a rather low rate on the Intellivision, but it requires too much time from the processor, leaving no time for anything else.


I believe Carl did add samples on D2K, like when the ape is grunting; but if you pay attention, the screen freezes while playing the sounds.


The "yer out" from WSMLB Baseball is a special case. It's not really a sample. The programmer explained how it came about in an interview for the Intellivisionaries podcast. One of the guys (I forgot his name) was playing with the sound processor trying to make it "speak" by doing some fancy volume and frequency modulations. He showed him a test that basically was a scale of the vowels, something like "ay-ee-eye-ow-uuuu" but it sound to him like "Yeeer Owwwwt," so he put it on the game.


That's a fascinating story. And now, when I play the game, it does sound to me like a bunch of vowel sounds string together. :)



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I've done some (very poor) attempts to synthesize speech using just the CPU and DSPs. It's doable, but a ridiculous amount of work. I've also made the Intellivoice do some things it wasn't meant to do, like farm animal sounds and a few mechanical-sounding effects.


It's all a matter of how much effort you're willing to invest. And some people just "get" this a lot better than I, so I wouldn't be surprised to see something amazing come out.

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The digitized voices will be done similar to what happens in D2K Arcade when the girl says 'Help'.....(You have to turn the voice ON to hear it). Yes, the screen will freeze, but I think it will work well because there are text screens that will be shown throughout the game.


I'm lobbying for non essential voice enhanced Intellivoice data as we have the ability to make Intellivoice data. I don't know if any areas of the game will be well served by adding Intellivoice support. Of course, you don't want it to REQUIRE the Intellivoice. I think that it would be cool as an enhancement however.

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I'm pleased to report that Defender of the Crown boxes have been printed.


The game is currently being stitched together. The programmer reverse engineered the Atari ST version to discover that there are about 27 random events that can occur. Once that is done the game will be nominally finished and ready for play testing and tweaking.


Still to come is writing the manual and designing and printing the overlays. The cartridge stickers have been printed already.


In the picture below, you see a proof printed on glossy paper that is being compared to a sheet that just came off of the press. About 700 sheets got printed before the proper ink combination was achieved. All of those will be trashed. No wonder 'set up' is so expensive!


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