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Episode 90 -- A Use For The HCF Instruction; Review Of CoCoBan

Show notes: http://cococrew.org/cococrew-podcast-90.html
The CoCo Crew Podcast homepage: http://cococrew.org/
It's the end of the month, and once again the oldest and IMHO best CoCo show in the Nation returns for your listening pleasure. Along with the usual batch of News and Information, this time John elaborates on a practical use for the "Halt and Catch Fire" instruction, and Neil reviews CoCoBan!
A great time awaits for all -- won't you join us? 🙂
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Episode 91 -- Interview with Tim Lindner re: VideoTex; Holiday Buying Rules; Review of Jumping Joey



Along with our usual batch of News and Announcements, we are joined by Tim Lindner to discuss his recent work with VideoTex, the hosts discuss holiday buying rules for retro hobbyists, and Neil reviews Jumping Joey.

So get ready to stay up until midnight, cuddle-up for whatever local New Year's event you enjoy, and prepare for 2023 with The CoCo Crew Podcast!

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Episode 92 -- CoCo Sentience?; Scrolling; Review of Destiny






Along with our leading News and Announcements, we see the return
of Boisy's favorite skit: "The CoCo Group" with a tounge-in-cheek
discussion of CoCo's becoming sentient! Also I talk a bit about
implementing full-screen scrolling on a CoCo1 or CoCo2 and Neil
reviews the Jeopardy-like game Destiny.


We've been producing this show for over seven years, with nothing to
stop us so far.  Are you joining the Crew? 🙂



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Episode 93 -- Is retro still "cool"?; Review of Backup Magic






The end of February always feels a bit early, but here we are!


Along with the usual News and Announcements, the hosts bat around the topic of whether or not retro is still "cool" and how much longer we expect that to be so. Neil wraps things up with a review of Carl England's Backup Magic utility.


So...Will you be joining the Crew this month? 🙂




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2 hours ago, JohnW.Linville said:

Episode 93 -- Is retro still "cool"?; Review of Backup Magic



You had me fooled for a bit but when I got to the VCF PNW link I figured something was up.  I recommend this one:



Which was a bit tough to find as the link at the top of the index page points to episode 92.  It's all for the best; this sort of mental exercise keeps me on my toes.

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