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XF551 Power Connector?


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I have several XF551's and in addition to the "cheesy" pcb's, I have frequently had intermittent issues with the power connector on the pcb. Every so often I have to take (DeOXIT) cleaner and clean the tarnish off the connector, and more often have to "fiddle" with the plug to get a good connection if I have disconnected the plug. There are several lines of attack, but I'd like to keep the stock PS plug. So has anyone found a good "fix" for this issue? I can't believe I'm the only one having a problem with this.





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You are not alone. I find in addition to SIO jack repair they often need a similar solution applied to the power jack and for the same reason - movement. If you'll look closer you might even see where the solder has cracked apart on the underside and is the real source of intermittent power supply problem. I unsolder them entirely to remove them, clean and tin both the connector and the PCB pads. Then I rough up the plastic and board to glue them to the board with JB weld epoxy, the next day I then re-solder with extreme prejudice. Have to stop the movement first or you'll be back to fix it again when it's even worse. Power switch another area with movement problems leading to these same issues.

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Standard stuff. Black and white tube with red and white tube, but the quick set version works well too. Black and off white paste mix to grey glop, kind of runny for first half hour so one could wait almost that long before application. Cover the board just where you need it thinly, then the underside of the jack, fill in the sides if wanted with hardening glop a bit later so it doesn't run all over the place quite so bad. Flipping part over every 5 minutes helps here some. For some reason this stuff won't crack apart in five years to let go of it's grip. Clear epoxy seems to do this always so I don't bother with it.



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