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New TI-99/4A Tunnels of Doom(TOD) game and Game Editor


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On 5/30/2015 at 8:44 PM, Shift838 said:

Yes.. TOD games are great.


I have made 15 TOD games. It's a chore to make them but once you get a couple down and figure it out it's just more about spending the time to get them done.



Hi Chris,


I just came across this thread as I was looking for info on your TOD games... and am really happy to find the editor Fritz put up.  But my question is for you...  is there any particular "intended order" for your various games?  I mean, I can tell that some of them are related... the "revenge" ones in particular...  but I get the impression that you sorta-kinda had a semi-plot in mind, so I was wondering if there's any (loose, maybe) "preferred order" for them, or for any of them?   To fit in with some story you were trying to get across, I mean?


I have all three packs... all fifteen games... already, but I'm sorting all my TOD games by release date, mainly... however, all of yours say they came out in 1991, so there's no interpolation I can do with that.  Yet some are clearly supposed to be in the "same universe" (in your mind, anyway!  :) ) and I'd like to play them through in that order if at all possible.


Thanks in advance!

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On 7/27/2015 at 1:07 AM, Tursi said:

If you post a working and a broken file, we can take a look at what's different. You mentioned V9T9 format getting involved at some point - V9T9 files embed a TI filename in the header, and if it doesn't properly match the disk filename, the file is technically broken. Maybe something goes wrong in the conversion process?

Yep, a pretty common issue with a lot of files I've downloaded from various places.  My "fix" has been to us Ti99Dir to convert to TIFiles format and then back again.  That usually fixes the issue, by rewriting that header.  There may be other, less painful ways to do it, but that's my "workflow" for the moment.

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Just found this last week and am completely stoked! I used the editor for years and can honestly say that the new one by Fritz is OUTSTANDING.


I took the original K-Mart (classic fun!) and remade it for WALMART. I am about ready to post it. Check back soon!



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