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Question with a simple screen animation


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Hello, I'm gonna be straight, which is the easiest way to make the main character of the game move from one side of the screen to the other and then once it gets there take you to another screen?, I want to add to my game some sort of a transition between levels, similiar to the titlescreen on Sprybug's Princess resuce game, except that it doesn't loop.



Kind of like the following pics, mario starting from the very left, and ending on the other side but behind the PF (that part of making him going behind I know how to do it) and as soon as he reaches the right redirect to another screen. Yeah I know that I'm not the best editing pics :-D



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You could use the score to determine what screen happens. Just add 1 to the score when you reach the side.

Mmmm the problem that I see here, is that the score is currently being used AS THE SCORE, the game needs the score, so I can't give it another functionality, 'cause that will screw up the highscore save system.

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Hahahaha the funny thing here is that those are the ones that I'm using :D :D , but you gave an idea, using the left ones to show the level instead of using them as the counter, problem here is that I have no idea on how to do it :?, any advice you can give me?

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Put these in the beginning of your code.. (this sorts your columns out and makes it easier to use the score in the program)


dim sc1 = score
dim sc2 = score+1
dim sc3 = score+2


somewhere your code will say...


if player0x>135 then score=score+1 (135 could be whatever you want your edge to be)


Then somewhere you call on the score with this..


if sc2=$00 && sc3=$13 then goto explode


This would check the ones and tens place for 13 and the hundred and thousand place for zero and is just an example


checking the score column now that it is dimensionalized is as easy as using sc3=$00 (00 being any number up to 99) for the right side column, sc2=$00 for the middle column, and sc1=$00 for the left side column. Raising the score in increments that match one column or another can isolate an effect within the game. The score can be used to run the game (easier, of course, if the score is omitted). If you stick to keeping your maximum score under 9999, then the left side column could be used to run the screen switches.


if player0x=135 then score=score+10000 (this puts a 1 in the right side of the far left column)


I'm pretty sure NukeyShay(?) wrote this out, though. It's not my exact method but I use one based on it and it's offered on the forum (somewhere?) and is in the instructions.

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