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can vector graphics be done on the 2600?

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Sorry to bump, but it is pretty related to this...


Is the Atari 2600 "Star Wars: The Arcade Game" vector graphics? I was under the assumption that it was not, however my stating of this was challenged, and they linked to this article as evidence http://videogamecritic.com/extras/themes/starwars.htm


I had interpreted "It's remarkable that Parker Bros was able to squeeze this multi-stage, vector-graphics game into an Atari 2600 cartridge." as simply being a throw-away line complimenting Parker Bro's efforts at getting even close to the feel of an arcade-cabinet game that utilised graphics far beyond the 2600's capability, but I am by no means an expert.

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Is the Atari 2600 "Star Wars: The Arcade Game" vector graphics?


Despite the stuff you read above, there's really no such thing as vector graphics on the VCS. True vector graphics require special hardware (including a special monitor, so even arcade games that originally used vector graphics won't look the same when emulated on regular displays), and neither the 2600 nor the TVs it uses for display support vector graphics.


Instead, clever developers have made games that emulate the look and feel and vector graphics, which the previous posts show and discuss. The Star Wars game also mimics the vector graphics look. But asking if a specific VCS game is vector graphics doesn't even really make sense. The answer is always no. A better question is "does Star Wars: The Arcade Game" do a good job of mimicking the vector graphics of the arcade game?

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