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Lynx HSC 2015 Round 5 Batman Returns


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The Atari Lynx high score club round 5 of 8 game is Batman Returns

post-22103-0-73188100-1433284056_thumb.png post-22103-0-82688800-1433284071_thumb.png

Bonus Game --- Raiden (Atari Lynx)

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Deadline to post scores is July 1st 2015 12PM EST

Settings - Default

Batman Returns
Lynx high score club record - 100,700 by zoltan
Bust it for 1 bonus point

Bonus game -- Raiden (Atari Lynx)
One point per person

27,230 StijnDW +1 point

Final High Scores -

130,100 AtarinDave +11 points +3 points +1 points New Record
45,000 StijnDW +10 points
28,400 roadrunner +9 points
16,900 jblenkle +8 points
12,900 darthkur +7 points

Current Season Point Standings -

darthkur 50 points
jeremiahjt 25 points
MrBland 33 points
StijnDW 34 points
doctorclu 16 points
roadrunner 34 points
NIKON 12 points
jblenkle 16 points
S.BAZ 8 points

Link to manual


Any corrections please post

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Hmm don't know if its a good idea to play Raiden as a HSC game.

Its an unfinished game (beta version) that is buggy + has massive slowdowns.

Also the game is rare and not many people own it so most people will be forced to play it on an emulator.


I tried it on a real Lynx with the help of my flashcart and its almost not doable/fun to go for a high score.

In my first 4 attempts the game crashed twice in the first level. The real hardware is probably even more prone to a crash then the emulators out there.

When attempting to go for a high score while a crash is looming behind the corner is really frustrating.


Don't know what the other player's think of it ...


Did some more research:


According to this topic




The ROM's that can be found are of a prototype (CES v3 version) that is known to be unstable.

There should be a Telegames version around which is more stable but from what i know, the ROM is not publicly released / dumped.

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Ok, thanks for the info
This game has never been played before in this HSC so its good to find out
what's playable and what isn't.

Maybe we should go with another game instead. It looks like someone wants to play Batman Returns

What does everyone think we should do?

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Small problem with Batman Returns tho.

It's know to be a difficult game.

The best tactic to get far in the game is "just jump over everything" which will result in a low high score.

If you want to go for a high-score, just keep hitting enemy's at a certain "safe" spot.


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45,000 with getting as far as possible which was somewhere around level 2

Frustrating game. Best way to progress is to evade the enemy's as much as possible.




Ow and of course I also played the beta of Raiden

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This round is over, congrats to AtarinDave for setting a new record for Batman. ;)

And congrats to StijnDW for setting a record for Raiden :)

I hope everyone had fun.

Those time differences grrrr ;)

Btw I think you forgot to add my score of 45,000 to the list for Batman

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