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Model name for an Atari 800 with an Incognito


Atari 800 with Incognito  

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  1. 1. What can we call an Atari 800 with an Incognito?

    • Atari 800/X
    • Atari 800XI
    • Atari 800I

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Well, it's the Ultimate 800 (available), if not the Ultimate Atari 8-bit...


Wouldn't call it either of the choices in the poll.


800+ or 800e would be a logical choice for Apple-II-philes.


But, then, it's always incognito as the mod is invisible from the outside :grin:

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It's still an Atari 800, even if you have an Incognito and a 65c816 in it. The 800XL doesn't change its name into an 800XLr if you have a RAMBO-XL in it. That's the problem with some of the "purists" that think you have changed your whole system into something "non-Atari" if you upgrade it. Any Atari with a hard drive, 816 Accelerator, VBXE, dual PoKey, etc. is STILL an ATARI. That's what these Stooges don't "get."


Let's imagine we have a bone stock 1450XLD. The Stooges will still complain that it is not 100% compatible with a "real" Atari because of the memory addresses the SC-01 speech chip uses. To those dumb-asses, it's not a "real Atari."


Those who would (on purpose) write code to make their program crash on any (in their opinion) non-stock Atari are in the same class of criminals as the malicious virus writers that intentionally damage Windows computers.


I don't believe it makes a difference. There is no special name needed for the Incognito.


If there is a program written that requires it, then "800i" would be my choice.


Yeah, I get the BMW connection, but who cares? I drive a Mercedes 300D, so I really don't care what BMW does. Not to belittle BMW, of course (Bob), I just prefer Mercedes.

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Incognito 800


Sounds pretty cool to me, but I agree with Kyle22 here.


When people tell me that a game runs on Atari 800, I expect it to run on 48K and OSB (or A). When it turns out they meant the Atari 800 with Incognito, they obviously shouldn't say the game would run on Atari 800. It's simple as that.


And don't forget that there are already 'official' characters added to the 800. So is mine an official Atari 800P (well that's what the bottom of my 800 tells me) ... it's a PAL Atari 800.

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I would love to second that but Hackerman made a couple mimistakes in his, "How to Hack Time" video. He called a 5 1/4 floppy a 3 1/2. He also said you need 256k and a processor that runs around 8 mHz. That Microbee he's using couldn't meet either of those requirements.

The only time I would allow him to hack is the clock on my VCR and if he failed the worse that could happen is it would still flash 12:00.

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