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Atari 2600 HSC online database

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I have the brackets up on the main page. I wanted to make sure the layout makes sense to everyone before using it for all the past tourneys. Take a look and let me know.

The layout looks great!


Do you plan on putting scores in, or just the brackets?

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Is it possible to list the "final ranking of the season" from each HSC-player?


It's possible, but it might slow down the page load time because the only way I can think to do it right now is kind of klunky. I'll add it to my "to do" list and maybe I'll come up with a more efficient way to do it.

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My results "New HSC"


New HSC Season 1: 22. -Bronze Medal Challenge: No Participation

New HSC Season 2: 19. -Bronze Medal Challenge: Round 1

New HSC Season 3: 19. -Bronze Medal Challenge: Round 2

New HSC Season 4: 19. -Bronze Medal Challenge: Final Match 0-3

New HSC Season 5: 18. -Bronze Medal Challenge: Round 1

New HSC Season 6: 20. -Bronze Medal Challenge: ?



any others to compare?


OK, my 6th qualification for the bronze medal challenge in a row -with the help of a few emulated games this year.

Never won the medal so far... - but I willl try!


...and I set the record for Desert Falcon - not a bad season so far!


Thank you S.BAZ for running the 2600 HSC!

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How does one add scores? I submit screenshot function would be great!


You have to participate in the 2600 High Score Club. The most recent season has ended, except for the post-season bracket tournament.

When the new season starts, you can submit your scores plus screenshots on whichever game is being played at that time. I don't know when the next season starts, but I imagine not for another month or so.

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I assume I should not be 1st and 4th for jawbreaker on this right?


Actually you should. Those are 2 separate scores from 2 different weeks, week 6 of the season and the first round of the medal bracket. Lauren Tyler and keilbaca are on the list twice too because they have Jawbreaker scores from back in season 3.

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Probably at some point. I've over-extended myself a little bit Atari-wise lately, so between that and real life, the database has fallen to the side lately. I'll get back to it sometime though.



I just wanted to say thank you for creating and maintaining this database when you have the time to do it. It was really helpful being able to go back and look at what games were played in previous HSC seasons and check out my performance from last season, seeing where I ranked in various games and checking out the overall statistics. It looks like it was a ton of work to put together and I sure appreciate you doing it. :)

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