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Need Help on Emulators for ubuntu Linux.


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First off my roommate put together my PC and laptop using ubuntu Linux and I have no clue how to use the Terminal at all so fining the right emulators very hard for me and once I fine some I have no idea how to install it. So far I can only have the 2600 Stella to run and play any games but no idea if theres any other like



7800 (MESS)





all Sega

and more.


I had not played any Coleco, Intell, Mame for over 10 years on any emu on this computer so if anyone here knows how to both install and run any 52, 78, Coleco, Intell and others on it please tell me^_^;;;

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1 - Open Ubuntu Software Center

2 - type Wine on search box (Top right corner)

3 - click on "Wine Windows Program Loader" (highlight it)

4 - And on most right there is the install button


After that, all windows programs works like a windows program, you can install them or just run .exe files click 2x on it.

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While Wine works, there are native apps that work well for almost every console. They're in the Software Center too, for the most part.

Mednafen is a multi-emulator that supports most popular consoles and a few obscure ones.

MAME and MESS are just MAME and MESS.

Atari800 is for 8-bit and 5200 emulation.


jzIntv is for Intellivision, bee is for colecovision, but I don't think they're in the repositories. You can download them from their websites. Installation and use require only basic computer literacy.

You really should learn the console. The CLI is superior to the GUI in the same way language is superior to pointing and grunting. Not only is the CLI more powerful, but once you know it it's faster and easier.

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openmsx-catapult is a terrific MSX emulator. Konami's Vampire Killer is epic.


higan is a great emulator which gives you Famicom (NES), Super Famicom, (SNES), Gameboy, and Game Boy Advance. I love the authentic greeish gameboy screen.


ZSNES is great for SNES. I really like the retro GUI that this one has.


pcsxr is a Sony Playstation One Emulator that rocks! For the Castlevania games alone, its worth checking out.


I recommend trying linux mint (MATE), I like it better than Ubuntu with Unity, and its #1 on Distrowatch for what its worth.

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I recommend trying linux mint (MATE), I like it better than Ubuntu with Unity, and its #1 on Distrowatch for what its worth.


I have been switched over to Linux Mint for a while now (from Ubuntu). I love it too. However, I have been using the Cinnamon desktop. Have you used both Mate and Cinnamon or did you just try Mate and like it?

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I have tried Cinnamon early on. I felt that it was unfinished. I should try it again.


MATE is very much like Gnome 2, which I why I like it.


I also really like KDE. Plasma 5.2 looks awesome.


I like Gnome 3, OpenBox, and LXDE.


I find it hard to resize windows in XFCE, so I don't use it.

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Yeah, you should give it a try. I find it to be the best GUI I have used to date, on any computer ever. I agree with you on XFCE. For me, if I need a more minimal (yet still very functional) desktop, I go with LXDE. I probably will give Mate a try, though I have used Gnome 2 in the past (and liked it).

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