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tech help for a Aquarius and Recorder

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Hi to all,

I'm new here and I'm a new owner of a Radofin Aquarius... that have some trouble with the recorder, anyone can help me?


This is the behavior:


If I save a program then it isn't recognized or are recognized with strange characters in the name and the computer hang!


If I load a program from an mp3 player connected to computer or via mp3 tape deck adapter fitted in the recorder, all is ok, the Aquarius load the program.


I change the two belt inside the recorder, and nothing to do...


I have connected the cassette out of the Aquarius to the mic line of my pc. Then load a basic program into the Aquarius memory from a .wav file, then save the program to the PC using Audacity.... and then compare the to waveform...


The result is that the waveform recorded by Audacity is strange... not only is a not so good square wave but at the beginning for a little bit more than one second the waveform isn't zero balanced but it start from negative value. all waveform, pic to pic, is form 0 to -1 and progressive go to the right 1 to -1 value...


Is the PLA1 - U7 the trouble? or can be the power supply and the related decoupling capacitor, maybe dried, the guilty?


Any help is much appreciated...


Best regards from Italy

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i believe the issue is that your sound card isnt reproducing the sound accurately.. most computers sound cards are integrated devices with poor audio output that you probably never notice, i can't get a wav file to load properly from my tablet but if i send it to a bluetooth cassete adapter it works 100% of the time..



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