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BBS Express! ST

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Will do - but to be honest, I'm pretty sure most of the stuff I'm using

came from Rich's support BBS when it was up. Of course, I "adapted"

a lot of the scripts to DarkForce's particular style (didn't we all do that

with scripts?).


The only thing I ever did that I didn't see on any other BBS Express! ST

board was the random quotes - and that was just a couple of small scripts

that I wrote (and trust me, anything I write is -ugly- with a capital U!). :)

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Lol, ok :)


Some of those files I downloaded from other boards too, C&R didn't have all of them at the time...

After looking on the conner drive, I found lots of Pascal code, some even from Rich ;)

And some of the code in Express was written by me :) Rich and I traded code quite often...

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