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Question with standard kernel options.


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Yeah, I checked and background colors option from the standard kernel works with the colors of the playfield being applied to background but leaving the PF mono colored, is there a way to have 'em both multicolored?


With the standard kernel, you can either have a multicolored playfield or a multicolored background. If you want both, you have to use the DPC+ kernel.

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Does DPC+ work with


const frame10lo=#<frame10




data frame10

It would be extremely helpful to share the same sprites among both players.
I cannot get it to work with DPC+ to save my life.
But when I set it up as a regular 32k with 8 banks, it works just fine.
So, does DPC+ not use this?
Or am I putting them in the wrong order for DPC+?
Also, I suspect that many standard kernal syntax are incompatible with DPC+.
Is there a clear and concies list of the STANDARD commands/syntaxes that NO LONGER WORK in DPC+?
I suspect that may be preventing it from compling as well.
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Fetching a pointer to player data is pretty much under-the-hood work, and highly kernel-specific. ie. not a standard command. So it doesn't work with DPC+. Why? Because being ARM CPU based, bB DPC+ stores virtual sprite data in a manner convenient to the ARM, rather than the 6502.

The supported method to share sprite graphics with DPC+ is covered at RT's site.

Most of the bB commands work whatever the kernel being used are, but the graphics ones differ a bit. Most (all?) of these DPC+ implementation details are covered in the DPC section there.

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