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Activision Patches, difficulty & 2015 Summer Quest


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I put together a list of the requirements needed to earn each of the Activision patches for the Atari 2600...


Activision Patch Requirements

Activision Decathlon 8,600 – 8,999 (Bronze medal); 9,000 – 9,999 (Silver); 10,000+ (Gold)

Barnstorming under 33.3 seconds (Game 1); 51.0 (Game 2); 54.0 (Game 3)

Beamrider Complete Sector 14 and score at least 40,000 points

Chopper Command 10,000 or more points on Cadet level

Crackpots 75,000+ points

Dolphin 80,000+ points for Friends of Dolphins; ? (<500,000) for Secret Society

Dragster 6.0 seconds or less

Enduro race for 5+ days

Freeway 20+ points in Game 3 or Game 7

Frostbite 40,000 or more points

Grand Prix 0:35 (Game 1); 1:00 (Game 2); 1:30 (Game 3); 2:30 (Game 4)

H.E.R.O. 75,000 or more points

Ice Hockey Win on Game 1 (need a witness)

Kabobber 50,000 or more points

Kaboom! 3,000 or more points

Keystone Kapers 35,000 or more points

Laser Blast 100,000 or more points (also a special patch for 1,000,000)

Megamania 45,000 or more points

Oink 25,000 or more points on Game 1

Pitfall 20,000 or more points

Pitfall II 99,000 or more points

Plaque Attack 35,000 or more points

Pressure Cooker 45,000 or more points

Private Eye Solve the case on Game 3

River Raid 15,000 or more points (also a special patch for 1,000,000)

Robot Tank 48 tanks (Medal of Merit); 60 (Cross of Excellence); 72 (Star of Honor)

Sea Quest 50,000 or more points

Skiing 28.2 seconds or less on Course 3

Sky Jinks 37.0 seconds or less (Game 1)

Space Shuttle Dock 5 times w/ 4,500 fuel (Pilot); 6 times w/ 7,500 fuel (Commander)

Spider Fighter 40,000 or more points

Stampede 3,000 or more points

StarMaster 3,800 (Ensign); 5,700 (Leader); 7,600 (Commander); 9,000 (StarMaster)

Tennis Beat the computer!


I'm going to try to achieve as many as possible this summer (even if I've achieved them before). Feel free to join in.

Which do you think are the easiest? Which are the hardest?

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Patches Earned (see pics below)

Barnstorming - darthkur, hermi69, oyamafamily, Retrogamer81081, the_8bit_gamer
Beamrider - cvga, darthkur, oyamafamily, roadrunner
Chopper Command - 24Fanatic365, Bucket Brigadier, BurritoBeans, cvga, darthkur, DrVenkman, hermi69, LarcenTyler, Mangia-boy, mikey.shake, oyamafamily, Retrogamer81081, roadrunner, The Mr. Video, the_8bit_gamer, toiletunes, yugobrandon
Crackpots - oyamafamily
Decathlon (bronze) - cvga, darthkur, Retrogamer81081
Decathlon (silver) - cvga, darthkur, Retrogamer81081

Decathlon (gold) - darthkur, Retrogamer81081
Dolphin - darthkur, mikey.shake, oyamafamily

Dolphin (secret society) - oyamafamily
Dragster - LarcenTyler, oyamafamily, Retrogamer81081, the_8bit_gamer
Enduro - cvga, LarcenTyler, oyamafamily, Retrogamer81081, the_8bit_gamer, toiletunes
Freeway - cvga, darthkur, hermi69, KaeruYojimbo, oyamafamily, Retrogamer81081, the_8bit_gamer, toiletunes
Frostbite - darthkur, KaeruYojimbo, Larcen Tyler, LidLikesIntellivision, Mangia-boy, oyamafamily, Retrogamer81081, roadrunner
Grand Prix - darthkur, oyamafamily, the_8bit_gamer
H.E.R.O. - 24Fanatic365, darthkur, LidLikesIntellivision, oyamafamily, Retrogamer81081, roadrunner
Ice Hockey - cvga, darthkur, flashbackmatt, KaeruYojimbo, mikey.shake, oyamafamily, retrogamer81081, roadrunner, the_8bit_gamer, thorr, toiletunes

Kabobber - darthkur, oyamafamily
Kaboom! - Bucket Brigadier, cvga, darthkur, flashbackmatt, mikey.shake, the_8bit_gamer, thorr
Keystone Kapers - cvga, darthkur, Larcen Tyler, mikey.shake, oyamafamily, Retrogamer81081, thorr
Laser Blast - BurritoBeans, darthkur, mikey.shake, oyamafamily, Retrogamer81081, roadrunner, The Mr. Video, the_8bit_gamer
Laser Blast (1,000,000) - oyamafamily, Retrogamer81081
Megamania - 24Fanatic365, cvga, darthkur, flashbackmatt, hermi69, mikey.shake, oyamafamily, Retrogamer81081, roadrunner, stalwart, toiletunes
Oink - darthkur, oyamafamily, Retrogamer81081, toiletunes
Pitfall - cvga, darthkur, hermi69, KaeruYojimbo, Larcen Tyler, Mangia-boy, mikey.shake, oyamafamily, Retrogamer81081, roadrunner, the_8bit_gamer, toiletunes, troff
Pitfall II - darthkur, Dr.Venkman, oyamafamily, Retrogamer81081, roadrunner, the_8bit_gamer
Plaque Attack - darthkur, Larcen Tyler, oyamafamily, Retrogamer81081, toiletunes
Pressure Cooker - darthkur, oyamafamily, Retrogamer81081
River Raid - 24Fanatic365, cvga, darthkur, flashbackmatt, hermi69, Jin, KaeruYojimbo, LarcenTyler, Mangia-boy, mikey.shake, oyamafamily, Retrogamer81081, roadrunner, The Mr. Video, the_8bit_gamer, toiletunes, troff
Robot Tank (Merit) - darthkur, Jin, oyamafamily, Retrogamer81081, roadrunner, the_8bit_gamer

Robot Tank (Excellence) - darthkur, oyamafamily
SeaQuest - 24Fanatic365, Bucket Brigadier, cvga, darthkur, Dr.Venkman, flashbackmatt, KaeruYojimbo, Mangia-boy, mikey.shake, Opry99er, oyamafamily, Retrogamer81081, roadrunner, stange, the_8bit_gamer, toiletunes
Skiing - the_8bit_gamer
Sky Jinks - darthkur, mikey.shake, oyamafamily, Retrogamer81081, roadrunner, the_8bit_gamer
Spider Fighter - cvga, darthkur, flashbackmatt, mikey.shake, oyamafamily, Retrogamer81081, roadrunner
Stampede - darthkur, oyamafamily, Retrogamer81081, the_8bit_gamer
StarMaster (ensign) - cvga, darthkur, DrVenkman, Retrogamer81081, roadrunner, the_8bit_gamer
StarMaster (leader) - darthkur, DrVenkman

StarMaster (starmaster) - darthkur
Tennis - cvga, the_8bit_gamer

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Activision patches ranked in order of easiest to hardest to achieve...


1. Ice Hockey - just beat the computer. He'll put up a fight for awhile but you can keep swinging that stick and knock him down.

2. Freeway - find the pattern and repeat over and over and over (X20)

3. Chopper Command - 10,000 points isn't easy but you should be able to achieve it after just a few plays

4. Pitfall - just run to the left and stay alive and collect treasures for about 7 minutes

5. River Raid - 15,000 seems way too low to earn a patch for this game

6. Spider Fighter - don't forget to turn your difficulty switch to 'a'. It's actually easier for this game.

7. Decathlon (bronze) - max your speed and hit that button before you scratch!

8. Keystone Kapers - get good at avoiding those pesky bouncing balls!

9. Enduro - control your speed and don't bump too many cars on Day 4

10. Megamania - I hate the waves where things move vertically, especially the 2nd time through

11. Decathlon (silver) - get a trackball. It really helps!

12. SeaQuest - It takes time to replentish that oxygen. Don't get hit by the ship at the top of the screen!

13. Kaboom! - I got this on the first try but I remember how long it took me to get 3,000 when I first started playing

14. Beamrider - collect your bonus ships and don't die in the early sectors because this one ramps up the difficulty




more rankings coming soon...

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Nice job! Congrats!


I've been on a similar mission lately. Pitfall! (running right) and Chopper Command were the easiest for me as well, with River Raid being just a little more difficult. Keystone Kapers and Spider Fighter took significantly more effort!


Kaboom! and Megamania are next in my sights, but have been giving me trouble. Once I accomplish those, Seaquest is probably the last one that I'm targeting. Good luck, and nice job on Beamrider!

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I've done it in the last couple weeks for Starmaster for Ensign and Leader levels. Haven't managed any higher levels or any other games, but I've been working on restoring and cleaning hardware the last few weeks rather then playing games.

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This thread totally re-inspired me to double down. Thanks to the motivation, I was able to conquer (in my own way) both Megamania and Seaquest! http://atariage.com/forums/topic/238973-double-achievement-unlocked/


Thanks for posting this list. It's great... kind of serves as a J.V. HSC for those of us who may not be able to roll scores.

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Today's update...


- Added patches earned by other members

- Achieved these patches


Ice Hockey (my son was down 5-1 before handing the controller to me to finish the game)














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Awesome idea! It sounds like just the thing to kill some time this summer, and I'll gladly join in on the quest! :)

I don't think I'll ever get that special River Raid patch (that and the Robot Tank ones have to be the hardest to get IMHO), but I did manage to earn the regular River Raid patch.


River Raid




I know I've met quite a few of those score requirements in other games before, but not being in the habit of taking pictures of my high scores I haven't officially "earned" them yet. Guess I'll just have to keep playing and keep the camera handy. :D

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Great job! I'll "like" your post after I've updated your achievement box near the top of the thread. We've collectively earned patches for 13 different games!


I played several games tonight. My 9 year old loves the idea of collecting the patches so we've been trying to play for about an hour each night. The fact that he wants to play is just making this that much better for me!


Anyhow, we achieved a score high enough for River Raid but that was it. I'll post it sometime tomorrow after I've (hopefully) gotten another one or two under my belt. We also played Sea Quest, Laser Blast, H.E.R.O., Grand Prix and Skiing.


I had never played Laser Blast before. It seemed very repetitive until I hit about 65,000 points and then I lost my 6 ships pretty quickly. Did I reach a point where the difficulty ramped up or did I just lose my concentration?

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Ka-BOOM! I know it's "just barely", but it still counts, and it's my first time EVER! I've joined the Bucket Brigade!




I don't know what to try next. Maybe Beamrider. Or maybe I'll try Laser Blast and see if I hit the same thing at 65K...

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My first time ever getting the patch for Keystone Kapers and I killed it! Took me two tries. I studied how to get high scores on the first game and then nailed it on game two. My wife witnessed it too! :-)

Nice score!

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Ice Hockey :-)


Tried Beamrider for the first time tonight. I never played it before. I think that one will take me some time to get good. I haven't played Ice Hockey since I was a kid, but it probably took me about 30 minutes or so to get the patch.


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I had never played Laser Blast before. It seemed very repetitive until I hit about 65,000 points and then I lost my 6 ships pretty quickly. Did I reach a point where the difficulty ramped up or did I just lose my concentration?


You probably got bored and lost your concentration. According to the manual the difficulty stops ramping up after the sixth group of tanks, and then it just gets very repetitive. The third or fourth time I played Laser Blast I figured out the timing and then I could just keep on playing. I stopped at about 200,000 points or so because it felt like I had been playing forever and I was just plain bored. I think earning a patch in Laser Blast is more of a test of your mental endurance than of your skill. Has anyone here had the patience to actually play this to 1,000,000?

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Some of these, like Seaquest and Ice Hockey, I have always been able to achieve the patch scores rather easily. However others like Crackpots and Dolphin I haven't even come close to achieving.


Has anyone ever achieved all the scores for Grand Prix? I've gotten the first race several times, but never any of the others. I've always found it so hard to remember where all the gaps are after the first bridge.

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