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2nd and Charles - Retailer sells old games

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We stopped out at 2nd and Charles over the weekend and found a bunch of boxed INTV games.


- How do these guys plan on making any money on crappy Genesis sports games that nobody wants?


- Has anyone tried those NES handhelds and are they any good? Thought of picking one up.


- Did I overpay on Pinbot (NES)?


- What do you think overall about their pricing?



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Funny, a 2nd and charles I go to had a lot of boxed Inty games a few months ago but it wasn't the same one as the one in your video.


With my experience from the georgia ones, they are largely overpriced for most games (nintendo hype) but for pre-nes systems and handhelds they are nice, probably half of my 2600 collection is from them as they will price some games for only a dollar or two a piece, also got a few boxed 2600 games from them for $3 apiece yet they want $10 for some other boxed 2600 games, very inconsistent. If you sift through everything you might find something decent for under $4, and accessories tend not to be too overpriced. I looked at their game guides and they were somewhat overpriced as well. The way they lay out handheld games is so unappealing though.


If you come early you might find some non-sports games in the freebies bin.

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