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Atari 520STe Browsing

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It's A Lantronix X Device one of the new ones all i did was inatall Telnetd in my Ubuntu shell that opens up the network to the

Lantronix and when you have a comms terminal program going just dial into your Linux computer like

now the shell terminal in running on your old computer. you can Email FTP and telnet and run shell terminal browsers

on your atari or any other computer the browsing is hit and miss with the arrow keys I been looking around its ssh server


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Ok... Well, I was just curious because it looked like the software you were using (which is what I was most curious about) asked you to enter a URL (unless I misread it). I'm familiar with using the Lantronix but mostly for BBS use obviously. I never used Telnetd, since my Lantronix boxes just connected directly to the router. You seem to have a different setup which is why I wanted a bit more specific information.

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The software is Antic Presents Flash version 1.60 vt100 terminal for the ST. My lantronix connects to my HP hub but all you do is

connect to your linux computer with the lantronix device and you have a unix shell working on your atari but install telnetd from a

shell terminal in linux. If you want to use color ansi you can run Taz for color bbsing but you need a vt100 terminal to use a

text web browser.

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Now i found the lynx browser to work best and i found some keys to use to help browsing the TAB key will go to next link

the H key will go back one Page Spacebar will go next next page and Enter to enter in to a page link and with Lynx

you get a FTP program bilt into it.

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