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Picking up a T-99 what should I look for.

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- power cable has a transformer, need that

- video connector is on the back right, uses either a composite or rf modulator, one or the other.. suggest composite uses the same pinout as atari800 and c64

- joystick port is on the LEFT side..the one on the back is the cassette port, need an adapter to use atari joysticks, ti joysticks plug in direct

- keyboards usually have issues with age, typing on them sometimes resolves with some time..


a console is 16k, no assembly language except for a hack from our friend on the list here .. it can play the cartridge games from TI and a few others, but most modern game carts need 32k memory expansion.. you want a pbox or nanopeb or equivelent to get more ram, floppy drives..etc


ask questions!



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Another thing to look for is the keyboard type. There were at least 4 different keyboard versions of the black keyboard - ALPS, General Instruments, Hi-Tek and Stackpole.


In my opinion, the ALPS and General Instruments keyboards are the best. A quick way to tell is to look at the "3" key. Rounded "3" is ALPS or General Instruments. If it's a flat-top "3", it's Hi-Tek or Stackpole.

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