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7805 Circuitboard Screw?


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I've looked and looked, but no luck, so sorry if this is something listed elsewhere.


I have a couple of used 2600s I've purchased, and TWO of them (a Vader and a Jr.) were missing the screw that holds the 7805 against what I'm assuming is a heat sink. The little, stubby screw is what I'm looking for


I'd like to buy replacements for them, but I have no idea what size/thread screw I'm looking for. Does anyone have the spec for these, so a hardware-ignorant schmuck like me can walk into a hardware store and say "Hi, I need _____, please."?


... And was it common for consoles to ship without these? It seemed weird when the Jr came without one, but I figured it had just rattled out over the years or had been removed or something. But on the Vader (which I just purchased), the screw hole actually seems to be filled with a blob of solder (from the factory). What's the deal with all that?

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For 7805 in TO-220 package (like the one used in VCS, Junior and countless other consoles) we use M3 screws here in Europe.

It's a standard used throughout all heatsinks dedicated to TO-220 components. Attached pic of my spares. It doesn't show too well, but those are pan heads (slightly convex) like chas10e said above.


P.S. Remember to throughly clean all the surfaces and apply some thermal paste between 7805 and the heatsink!


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ok looks like it may also be a "computer case screw"




the 4 switch board I was tinkering with has the coarse 6-32 threads but the hex head shape is to large


I guess m3 screws come packaged as well that have finer threads


also for the record ... my vader unit I recall doesn't hav the 7805 srewed to board (with thermal paste) , I suspect someone long ago may have replaced it :roll: ...

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