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relocating RMT player with MADS

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how can I assemble the RMT player to $fc00 fex but place the code to $4000?


normally I would do org $4000,$fc00


but later the ORG player points then to $4xxx?


I don't want to recode the whole player like I did in the 5200 version but is there a quick way? I need to dump the player to disk with Altirra...


or would presetting $d301 with $fe and an INI help?


ah... I can fool Altirra exe loader with a


org $4000

lda #$fe

sta $d301


ini $4000


and then simple ORG $fc00 in player will do the job... don't try this on real hardware! ;=)

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At least with MADS, you want the ORG arguments the other way. The first argument is the address for assembly, the second is the address to be emitted into the object file. Once you're past the player, you can use .adr to get the current output address to reset ORG.

mads 1.9.9 build 19 (6 Mar 14)
Source: org.s
     1                     org    $2000
     2                 start:
     3 FFFF> 2000-2002> 4C 00 +     jmp    *
     5 2003                org    $fc00,$4000
     6 FC00            player:
     7 4000-4003> E8            inx
     8 FC01 4C 00 FC            jmp    player
    10 FC04            player_end:
    11 FC04                org    .adr player_end
    13 4004            after_player:
    14 4004-4004> 00            brk

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