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Atari 2600 vertical scrolling / hold Problem


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Today I tested a vader 2600 and the games with which it came.


Of the games it came with, Popeye seems to make the screen scroll uncontrollably. I realized that I hadn't played the copy of this game I already owned since I got my new LCD TV (Samsung LN-T2653H). This game has no issue on my previous LCD (LG 20LS7D).


I went through some other games and none displayed this issue. Strangely after booting the console several times, once the image was perfect. I also tested Popeye specifically on my light 4-switch woodgrain and the same TV. It also displayed this problem.


Could this be a signal strength issue? Are there any known tricks, amplifiers, etc. that could remedy this?

I enabled an option in the Samsung TV's menu called Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) that does not improve the situation.




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The cartridge, not the console, determines the scanline count. Popeye's using 267 scanlines which is 5 too many.



Older TVs had no problem with the scanline being slightly out of spec. Newer TVs are hit or miss, some can handle it while others cannot.

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Thanks SpiceWare. I knew it had to be game-specific as I tried two Popeye carts and I know for a fact that one of them worked find on my old LCD TV.


Besides getting a new TV (or old one), is there another solution to this problem? Do composite, s-video, or other video mods solve this problem for all modern LCD TVs? If so, would I be sacrificing anything by doing so?

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