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Witcher 3 (XBO, PS4, PC)

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I was going to pass on Witcher 3 for the time being because I don't need another time-consuming RPG in my life right now, but the recent Target sale price was too good to pass up so here we are. Besides, the reviews are off the charts, so as an RPG fan I felt obligated to try it. And the developers are just plain awesome (What other developers include a "Thank you" insert in a game?) so it's nice to support them.


I played the original on the PC years ago but only made it about half way through. I've never played 2. Now I'm scared to death of the difficulty level. I started the game last night and played for only about a half hour. It throws so many things at you at once that it's overwhelming (for this geezer, at least). There's even a card game within the game that you have to learn.


This one is going to require focus and dedication, but it seems it will be very rewarding for those who perservere. It certainly looks gorgeous.


Anyone else playing it? Thoughts so far?

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Yeah I bought it too on that Target deal, I wanted the map and the extra stuff it came with...all the swag they give you and the thank you note is awesome. All the DLC they make is free too and they always put their games on GOG. One of the best publishers/Devs out there IMO.


As far as the games go I don't know, I played the other two but never beat them to fully comment. Haven't popped this on yet either due to a backlog.


There's massive amounts of things to do in this game from what I read but they made some really cool improvements to open world gameplay like NPC's sprinting when you sprint and how the horse will automatically follow roads if you hold the sprint button down. "Problems" include long load times, navigating menus and inventory management nightmares.


I'm willing to overlook those issues because its an appealing world for me and having that much content for the price.....I won't be complaining.


BTW: If your interested to know more about The Witcher series check out these two links

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I'll be picking this game up eventually. Playing Warriors Orochi 3 on the Xbox One right now, and it literally has been a huge time suck as it is. The game looks amazing though. I've watched some videos of gameplay and it looks right up my ally. I might have to bite soon.

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I sat down and sank my teeth into this game last night. In my first go I played just long enough to get through the tutorial and win the first gwent match in the tavern. One of the first tips I saw for this game was that you should do as many side quests as possible at the beginning to gain a level or two before embarking on the main story, so last night I did just that. In the process I stumbled upon a bandit camp and got my butt handed to me. I really stink at combat. My geezer reflexes are no longer capable of handling three different attacks along with dodging and parrying.


One thing I've learned is that this game does not hold your hand at all. If you haven't played 1 or 2 you're left to figure almost everything out on your own. For example, I found a monster nest that requires a bomb to destroy it, but I have no idea how to obtain one.


Other early observations and questions:

  • I received a pop-up at one point telling me I can now equip potions in my quick-launch spots (Up and Down on d-pad), but I couldn't figure out how.
  • Weapons degrade and need repaired. I had no idea.
  • As with DAI, travelling on horseback is nice but you can't harvest herbs so it seems better to travel on foot.
  • You have to convert coins you loot to a standard currency somewhere?
  • The game is simply gorgeous.
  • The menu system is not. I find it very clunky and not intuitive in the least.

I found a helpful video with some good starting advice: https://youtu.be/UixVp-cicMw

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Based on the lack of activity in this thread it appears I'm the only AAer playing this game at the moment. I haven't been able to put a lot of time into it but I cleared all the quests in the first area and have made it to level 4. Leveling in this game is very slow, and if you take on quests that are above your level you're going to have a hard time. That's why so far the side quests have been basically mandatory to get me to the level of the main story quests.


Inventory management has been a pain in the arse. To get the best value for selling swords and armor you have to go to a blacksmith and armorer respectively, and so far I've yet to find either one in the second area, so I keep having to travel back to the first area to unload loot before becoming encumbered.

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Well, it is summer for one thing, though it feels like the amazon rain forest around here. It has also been out for a little while.


I am in the same situation where I don't want to get into a time sink either. This game interests me, but the PC versions of the others sit untouched. I do not have a computer that can play Witcher 3, so it would be the PS4 version for me.

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That patch is apparently going to make it so crafting and alchemy materials don't count toward your carrying weight, so that should help the encumbrance issue. It's also supposed to add a separate tab for books and mark the ones you've read, which will be very helpful.

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Gigantic 15GB patch coming out to fill up your drive some more:




Glad I waited to play this cause it seems they've done a lot of stuff since it was released.


I'm currently playing the first game and I'm about halfway done (chapter 3). Will then play the 2nd and try and get to the 3rd by sometime this Spring. :P


Fallout 4 will take up my time for sure so its just a guess.

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Wow, that patch size is just insane... I was going to buy the disc version from Best Buy so I wouldn't have to spend two nights downloading it. But with the patch about the size of the game itself what's the point? It's like the time I got Half-Life 2 on five discs but I ended up ditching them when Steam pretty much replaced the whole game with a huge download.

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I finally beat the game last week, no idea of the play time; there is no accurate time counter in the PS4 version, what is there seems buggy.


However, the game is HUGE. If you want to immerse yourself into countless side quests, you will get at least 3 full games' worth for your money. And unlike many other RPGs that are just big, the Witcher 3 manages to actually keep the quests interesting.


I started Dragon Age Inquisition last November, and now I picked it up again. Played it on and off over the year. And eventhough I like DAI, the Witcher 3 completely degrades it. Going back to DAI after playing CD Projekt Red's master piece, it just feels clunky and kind of stale. The story, the liveliness of the world, the battles, the menu... it just is no match for Witcher 3 in any way.


That is an amazing testament to CD Projekt Red, beating Bioware so clearly in their own genre.

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