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Scaled Bitmap Sample


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Hi friends,


I get into difficulties displaying a scaled bitmap.

So I take a look into the WORKSHOP/SCALE sample. I got it compiled, but the result produces a black screen. :-o

Can anybody provide me a working make file (with current tools for win32), or another working sample?

I tried smac/vlink. This combination works for the MOVE sample.

I checked the linking address for the scaled bitmap but it seems to be correct (dphrase aligend)





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New information from Frank Wille.





The minimum instruction alignment for
m68k and Jaguar-RISC is both 2. And the 68000 doesn't benefit from 32-bit
aligned data, like the 68020.

When using a linker script, you should better insert ALIGN directives there
where you need them, instead of using a global -minalign option.


One man has run into debug problems with setting the minalign -4 option and the above is Frank's solution for it.

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