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4 button woody with 37 games - $150

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Big thanks to the folks here who took faith in my post selling the Intellivision.


Now for the other half of the goodies the owner gave me to sell: A 4 button Woody system with 37 games.


The system is dirty; I still need to clean and test it, as well as the games. One of the paddles has a knob broken off, but I think I can repair it.


Here's the game list:


  1. air-sea battle
  2. alien
  3. backgammon
  4. barnstorming
  5. baseball
  6. basketball
  7. bowling
  8. casino
  9. combat
  10. commando Raid
  11. Dark Cavern
  12. demons to diamonds
  13. dodge 'em
  14. E.T.
  15. fast food
  16. football
  17. golf
  18. grand prix
  19. home run
  20. I want my Mommy
  21. ice hockey
  22. laser blast
  23. M*A*S*H
  24. math gran prix
  25. maze craze
  26. mega force
  27. night driver
  28. pac-man
  29. porky's
  30. Q-Bert
  31. reactor
  32. space war
  33. stampede
  34. star wars Jedi arena
  35. Venture
  36. video olympics
  37. video pinball

Here's a few shots of the carts I snapped quick the other day. Like I said, I haven't gone over the stuff yet. I'll work on that this weekend. But if someone wants to jump on this right away before I start cleaning, let me know.


When I'm done cleaning / fixing / testing everything, the price on the package will go up.







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