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Radofin Variant (Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack)

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I was sorting through some old unsorted games and made an interesting discovery (to me). There is a variant within a variant for Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack.


For those made in Hong Kong, on the bottom flap, some say "Manufactured for Mattel by Radofin Electronics (Far East) Ltd." instead of only "Manufactured for Mattel."


This applies to the Keyboard Component box and the non-KC box too.


So there are at least FOUR Hong Kong Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack box variants.


Is anyone aware if other titles have the Radofin marking?


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LV P&B Radofin Box variants


The one on the left is the only one that references the Keyboard Component on the front. I guess it's the rarer variant :-D


The part numbers are 2611-0910 G1 and 2611-0910 for Regular and KC boxes respectively.


I checked a good chunk of my Hong Kong games and didn't find any others. I did find a few Taiwan variants of LV P&B, though ;-) I love that unique cartridge retention system they used.

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