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sdcc 3.5.0 rc1

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Copied from the announcement over in the Colecovision Programming area post by PkK:

sdcc 3.5.0 is to be released soon. Today, there will be release candidate 1.

You can download the release candidate and have a look at it. The more eyes on it, the less likely are hidden bugs.


The main changes from previous sdcc 3.4.0 are:

  • Many fixes and improvements in the stm8 port
  • --disable-non-free configure option
  • z80 port fixes
  • long long fixes
  • Changed default language dialect from --std-sdcc89 to --std-sdcc99
  • Reorganized and updated manual
  • Reduced memory consumption (most noticeable for high --max-allocs-per-node)
  • Faster compilation for stm8 (most noticeable for high --max-allocs-per-node)
  • atoll() function for conversion of strings to long long
  • __z88dk_fastcall and __z88dk_callee calling conventions for more efficient function calls and better compability with z88dk
  • --lospre-unsafe-read renamed to --allow-unsafe-read
I think all ColecoVision programmers will want to change from 3.4.0 to 3.5.0. Of particular interest are the z80 bug fixes and the long long bug fixes. The z80 port is also affected by the reduced memory consumption, which matters for those compiling at high --max-allocs-per-node for more optimization.

z88dk is another free compiler for the z80; sdcc generates better code when compiling C, and supports more C features. The z88dk philosophy is to have lots of asm-implemented functions, and use C for a glue layer on top. Thus z88dk has features for efficient calls to asm functions from C. We now also support those in sdcc via __z88dk_fstcall and __z88dk_callee.




Link to the original post:



Link to the SDCC page:


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