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2600 Price Check


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I need to sell my 2600 stuff.


It's a nice condition woodgrain with composite a/v mod, 2 rebuilt joysticks, 2 nice aftermarket joysticks, 2 sets of rebuilt paddle controllers, and the following CIB games: Adventure, Air Sea Battle, ASteroids, Berzerk, Breakout, Chopper Command, Combat, Dark Cavern, Defender, GI Joe Cobra Strike, Kaboom, Maze Craze, Missile Command, Mouse Trap, Night Driver, Pitfall, Space Attack, Space Invaders, Starmaster, Vanguard, Video Pinball, Warlords, Yars Revenge


What should I charge for this as one lot? Or system/games lots?

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The problem is that 2600 lots are just so darn common on ebay, it's hard to get a decent price. Potential bidders will be presented with a bunch of other Atari 2600 bundles at lowball prices when looking at yours. Even though they may not be A/V modded and have good working rebuilt controllers, they'll still drag your price down. Plus shipping on a big lot will scare off some buyers. Some collectors might see the value of the CIB games (even though they are common), and may bid to what those are worth, but you'll end up basically throwing in the system and controllers for way less that what they are worth.


That's why I've been selling my spare 2600 systems on Craigslist instead. I'll still sell rare carts (where mine will be the only one or one of just a couple for sale at the time), or things that are easy to ship on ebay. But bulky heavy common stuff is just not worth the hassle for the price you can get. So if I have a bundle that I would hope to sell for $100 (if I'm lucky) on ebay, I just put it up on CL for $75-80. Factoring in the fees, hassle of shipping, and waiting to get the money... it's about the same and the CL buyer gets a decent deal.


So if it were me, I'd take the system and a couple of the most common CIB games, plus any loose commons you might have, and put them on CL for $80-100 or so. Then put the rest of the CIB games together in a lot or two on ebay; if you are lucky, the cheaper shipping will lure bidders to pay closer to what the full value of the games are worth. But that's just me.


That said, I think your absolute best case scenario would be around $200 for everything if it were split up like I mentioned. If you put it all up together on ebay, you'd probably want to start it at a decently high price or put a $199 BIN and just expect to wait awhile until the one customer who will pay that comes around. You can always roll the dice at a low starting bid, and you'll get bidders, but don't expect a bidding war on anything 2600 related unless it includes a rare cart, so it would likely go for a LOT less that what I think you'd hope for...

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What woodgrain system is it? Is it a Heavy Sixer, Light Sixer, or 4 switch woody? Heavies are more rare, Light Sixers are fairly common, and 4 switch woodies are dime a dozen. AV modded ones will cost a little extra and bidders should be willing to shell out more for one of them. Almost all the games you have are commons. Paddles are about $10 each. Factor in the sets of them and the other joysticks it should equal out to be $40-$50. $60-$70 for the CIB games. And $60 for the system since it's AV and if a 4 switch version. $180-$200 Buy it now Is my range of listing it or make It a flat $200-$220 free shipping Included. And I would put it as a bundle lot. No hassles, no frequent trips to the post office. If you start it at .99 it will be a bid war. Just watch out for the 0 feedback trolls that ruin the auction and raise bid prices way more than what it is and won't pay after end of auction. Good Luck!! :-)

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