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PALEA5 is just so brilliant (no pun intended)...how about...


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I'm collecting all kinds of little assembly proggies to add to the BOOT menu (and with a nanoPEB volume size, everything I find can be neatly held on the BOOT disk itself with room to spare)


PALEA5 is such a (tiny and) great piece of instant gratification (although IMHO Titanium looks better without it) that I'm wondering if anyone has written a small Assm program I could add to BOOT that would turn F18A scanlines on and off.


I've read the threads on how to do this via programming, have my dip switches set to accept setting this via program, but I have less than zero Assembly knowledge so I get completely lost.


Anyway, it would be as handy as PALEA5 or XB27MENU in a BOOT arsenal






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actually it's usually « Profitez-en », but colour me suitably impressed - both in you're french and this très-cool little proggie.


I have never seen a TI line-draw screen saver before. Thanks for the introduction!


You're absolutely right too... the grown-ups and smarterer peeple on the board should definitely consider working on a F18A update (maybe after a scanline toggler).


Thanks brother

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