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Systems with games that used EEPROMs

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So a friend and I were discussing this very topic the other day in regards to making sure classic games continue working into the future. Most cartridge based systems used ROM chips, as I understand it, and those are incredibly stable in the long haul. But we were wondering what systems - or companies publishing on particular consoles - used EEPROMs? Those aren't exactly designed for longevity, and some 30+ years out for some game systems we could start to see mass die-offs of those games that used them. Offhand I know Channel F carts used EEPROMs for all their data (and I've got a dead game where said data pooped out on me) but what else?


Following that up, has anyone devised a way to put data back on these game carts? Other than just pulling off the chip, which seems trickier for something like the Channel F that has multiple EEPROMs on it.

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EEPROM doesn't have window and generally are used later. You probably mean EPROM, just 1 E for the windowed version.


Most legit commercial games like GBA and N64 games used EEPROM for save data and you may eventually lose that very nice saved fast 100% speed run but the game would remain playable.


I do have one Famicom cart that used EEPROM for the ROM, it was one of those weird xx-in-1 game that came with a Famicom clone. They still work but they could be lost in the future. Those would be hard to fix because of tiny chip and most small package adapter aren't designed to handle used chip with solder bits still on.


As for EPROM, they also lose even if the window were covered and the chip was stored in a dark safe. For most of the board, you will need to remove EPROM to reporgram because the board usually don't have convenient program pin out for reprogramming purpose.

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