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My Amazing Find this weekend at my local flea market


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Well I decided to go to my local flea market on Sunday morning and I found probably my best find in a couple years. It was an Atari 2600 Heavy Sixer with 43 games.

I was able to get it for $40.00 and this was in it. I've been looking for it for a decade and finally found it out in the wild.

There was also a Death Trap in the bundle I needed as well. Those two put me right at 300 in my 2600 collection.


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All I ever find are light fours and copies of Pitfall. If she goes game hunting at flea markets, you've got a pretty understanding wife, too.


Yeah since early March the wife and I have started setting up at a local flea market on Saturdays and Sundays so she see's it as getting stock for the booth and she's said many times

she also does it just to spend time with me. I also have started putting videos of me setting up at the booth as well as me game hunting out in the wild. This instance when I found the

game, I told her, sorry hun this one goes into my collection hehe.

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I would be interested in seeing the video of it. I am a sucker for the found footage genre.


Go to my Youtube channel (link below) and watch CCG Episode #20. The exact instance I walk up starts at 6:30 but there's some other footage of me finding a couple other things in the video as well.

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Great. Now I have to go to the flea market, and I'll probably just end up with another Laserdisc player like last time I went. Can't resist Laserdisc stuff.


This is all your fault.

Hehe sorry about that. Speaking of Laserdisc players I need to get mine fixed. It's the Pioneer one with S-video and Optical out. I miss watching movies on it.

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