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TG-16 Season 5 Round 13: AIR ZONK

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TG-16 Season 5 Round 13 : AIR ZONK




*May use Manual or Auto setup*



Standard HSC Rules: No continues..codes or cheats.

Pics are not required but requested.

Round Ends: July 5th 2015 Midnite PST


1. bubufubu 1,181,590

2. darthkur 711,690

3. DonPedro 485,650

4. S.BAZ 138,100

5. roadrunner 133,920

6. Darrian9999 128,310

7. jblenkle 36,590


1. coleco1981 [297] (12) (4)

2. DonPedro [290] ( 12) (4)

3. roadrunner [242] ( 12 )

4. jblenkle [225] ( 11 )

5. NIKON [177] ( 8 )

6. darthkur [164] (7) (1)

7. LidLikesIntellevision [143] (7)

8. Battra92 [112] (6) (1)

9. S.BAZ [66] (3)

10. jibbajaba [65] (3)

11. bubufubu [50] (2) (2)

12.Darrin [38] (2)

13. Buttons [28] (1)

14. stardust4ever [21] (1)

Edited by NIKON
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Because I locked this thread 45 mins. early...I will leave it open until Midnight tonight.


If anybody would be interested in taking over the TG16 HSC please PM me...on person has already expressed an interest in that who still has first shot at it because of a PM that sent to me months ago.


I will also have to speak to Albert about it as well.


I think it would be in the best interest of all concerned if I stepped down...my condition is not getting any better and I am on new pain meds that are pretty strong and I am unable to focus.


My intention was to run this HSC and the CD HSC until the end of the year.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I didn't realize that NIKON hadn't tabulated these scores. I will add the points to the leaderboard in the New Adventure Island OP.


DonPedro 1,525,240 +25

bubufubu 1,181,590 +24

darthkur 711,690 +23

coleco1981 451,740 +22

Darrin9999 154,500 +21

S.BAZ 138,100 +20

roadrunner 133,290 +19

jblenkle 36,590 +18


Sorry bubufubu, but your last score was after the deadline of midnight Sunday.

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I was confused by Nikon's message. As far as I know, the deadline for these contests is normally midnight on Sunday. He accidentally locked the thread early and said, because of his premature lock, he would leave it open until "midnight tonight". If he meant Sunday, then I don't understand why he would need to say that. Very confusing. Plus, I don't know what country he is in. It could very well have already been Monday where he is at.


That's why I submitted the score.

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I agree that this is a confusing situation, as I don't see a clear time when the round was supposed to end (saying that it ends "at midnight" does no good when you don't know where in the world the moderator is located.)


NIKON posted, at 6:20PM (my time) that he would leave the thread open "until midnight tonight" which I take to mean midnight Sunday, which is when the rounds normally end. He may have meant Monday night, but we don't really know that for sure since we don't know where he is.


I see your point of view, but with the information that I have I don't think that it would be fair to DonPedro to accept your score because it wasn't necessarily clear to DonPedro that he was also still free to submit a score to defend his top position.

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