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Colecovision Sprites


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I've noticed that some colecovision games have 1 color sprites while others have multicolor sprites, is there any particular reason for this? Is it lack of ram?

For example, Mr Do! uses single colored sprites while Burger Time uses multicolored sprites. I know Mr Do! has a much more complicated screen with the texture and the cherries, but is that the reason? I don't know a whole lot about MSX/Colecovision, but I was really curious as to why this is. Maybe it was just rushed, but I would think that would show up in the gameplay and not the graphics. I think it was a launch title too, so they would want it to look as good as possible. It's not just limited to Mr Do!, I am pretty sure there are other Colecovision games stuck with single colored sprites.


Any ideas?

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In fact with some techniques you can have 8, 12 or 16 sprites in each row if you can tolerate some flicker.


I managed to put 24 sprites (even 32 with some overlapping) in horizontal Row without any flicker. .... you just have to turn your TV Screen. :-D

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