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Turbo PS4 controller by Hori


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It has no motion controls, no light (oh noes!) and no headset jack, but it has turbo functionality for all the buttons, dpad and triggers. I pre ordered it because I have tried to get the hori ones for ps3 and pc and it’s impossible to get, they are NEVER in stock.

50 bucks with overseas shipping (35 + 15shipping).

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In case anyone cares:


I got mine and the turbo buttons function as follows. Press turbo and the button once, it acts like normal turbo, press Turbo + button again, it uses the button for you without needing to press the button again during the game. There is a button on the back of the controller that turns stick sensitivity down a bit while you hold it down, so if you are in a FPS and having trouble overaiming, hold that down and aim to give a slower aim.


I tried this on the old Scramble arcade game and a few others and have no complaints. Very well made controller and of course it's now out of stock.

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