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French review of Jaguar's history


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admittedly it would've been a bit of a bummer if you got a jaguar instead of an SNES / Genesis. I could see myself being happy about getting a Jaguar in addition to one of those tho... if the right games were selected (pretty much a 50% chance all the games you bought'd suck).

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Worse consoles to get if you'd been pestering your folks to get you a games console for Xmas/Birthday, open big box to find.......

An Amstrad GX4000 or Commodore C64GS instead of that Mega Drive or Master System you'd asked for.
Parents not being clued up, taken in by salesperson tryting to offload unwanted stock.....
Ohh the horror....
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There's nothing really new in this video, but it's a pretty honest review of the console, showcasing both good and bad games and avoiding the common clichés (they had to mention the controller, but at least they didn't claim it was the worst thing ever). The Jaguar's failure is attributed to the fact that while there were some good games, none of them was exceptional enough to be a system-seller -- which is quite true, even if it's not the only nail in the coffin.


However, I can't help but think that if they had run the games on the real console instead of an emulator (the framerate looks suspiciously high), their review may have been less positive :D

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